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Accounts & Tax Solutions specifically designed by Tax50 to make sure you save time & money.


Tax50 likes to keep things simple!




Consequently Tax50 has developed a perfectly compact selection of Accounts & Tax Solutions that can cater to all of your requirements. No matter if you are a Limited Company, Sole Trader or Partnership. Tax50 will help you.


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Expertise: Firstly, Tax50 Accountants work remotely, so we need to have excellent channels of communication. Furthermore you will find that your phone calls are always answered by Tax50. As a result of this your messages will always be returned by Tax50 and you will receive a reply to your e-mails.


Commitment: Also, Tax50 is a proactive team of accountants. This gives Tax50 the ability to be much more technical than most accountants. As a result of this you benefit from our varied and vast knowledge and experience of financial and accounting software. Further technical benefits include; automated reminders you will receive for all of your important deadlines, along with alerts when we require further information from you. All of this makes our revolutionary Accounts & Tax Solutions an invaluable tool in helping to make your life more efficient.


Value: Finally, because our invaluable and revolutionary Automated Tax Return (SA100) at just £50.00 represents exceptional value for money. This is especially true when you consider the immense strategic importance of such a Tax Solution. You will find that the value for money you receive from our Accounts & Tax Solutions also far exceeds your expectations.

Corporation Tax is essentially a cost to companies who are liable for paying it. Due to this it usually applies to Limited Companies. Consequently it must paid to HMRC after you have worked out and declared the company profits for the year. The burden of Corporation Tax and adopting a tax efficient structure can be very complex. Because of this it often involves many taxation disciplines and sub categories that need to be considered. Tax50 has the right solution to help you with all matters related to Corporation Tax:

Because you need a Tax efficient Structure as part of the business.

To help you take advantage of Corporation Tax.

For giving you legally compliant profit extraction strategies.

Saving  you money by paying less Corporation Tax.

Making sure you avoid late filing penalties.




Every sector of business is special. This is because each sector has its own problems and virtues. Tax50 will help you understand your business and trading sector in more detail. Tax50 will guide you with the basics in addition to enlightening you on the more complex matters that will be of interest to you. 


Each sector has certain overlapping concerns which Tax50 can support you with and each sector will also have its own specific challenges and circumstances which you will be wise to exploit.


Tax50 has designed and packaged Accounting & Tax Solutions  that will provide you with a clear advantage in your chosen trade. The Solutions provided by Tax50 are packaged in a way that will give you the maximum benefit with the least amount of input.



Company Accounts are necessary for a variety of reasons and applications. A Limited Company for example, must submit accounts (Financial Statements) to Companies House for each trading period (often known as a Financial Year). This is something Tax50 will help you with. This can be a routine operation if done correctly and with Tax50 you have exclusive benefits as follows:


Sending you a reminder each year after your Year End.

Chasing you for paperwork on a regular basis when accounts are due.

Submitting the Accounts to Companies House on your behalf.

Providing Annual Accounting Solutions as part of our service.

Helping you avoid late filing penalties.




Tax50 experts can give you the right advice and the right guidance. Our accountants will help you understand and appreciate whether or not a Limited Company is the right trading structure for you.


Contact Tax50 if you would like to know more about incorporating a limited company. We will explain how it would affect your business activities on a day to day basis. At Tax50 we have an expert ready to advise you and provide you with the right Accounting Solution to suit your business. Tax50 can also make sure that you benefit from the Limited Company structure in inventive ways.

Charges and Fees for Our Accounts & Tax Solutions


Small Solution: This is for any company or trader who is not VAT Registered, so your turnover should be below £85,000 each year. The Small Solution includes:

  • Producing and Submitting Accounts - personal or company
  • Submitting Tax Returns - personal or company
  • Monthly Payroll Including Wage Slips - up to 5 employees each month
  • Processing of Monthly Employers Pension Contributions
  • Advice and guidance as required


The charge for the Small Solution is a flat rate monthly fee of only £100.00 per month

Medium Solution: Ideal for any company or trader who is VAT Registered, so your turnover should be above £85,000 each year. For the Medium Solution we include:

  • Producing VAT Returns each quarter
  • Submitting VAT Returns to HMRC each quarter
  • Creating Quarterly Management Accounts
  • Assembling and Submitting Accounts - personal and company
  • Production and Submission of Tax Returns - personal and company
  • Monthly Payroll Including Wage Slips - up to 15 employees each month
  • Processing of Monthly Employers Pension Contributions
  • Advice and guidance as required


Our charge for the Medium Solution is a flat rate monthly fee which starts from as little as £150.00 per month

Large Solution: Perfect for any company or trader who has a turnover above £500,000 each year. Tax50's Large Solution includes:


This Large Solution is a flat rate monthly fee which starts from as little as £500.00 per month

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