Tax Return filing deadline

Submit your 05/04/2018 Automated Tax Return (SA100) online now for only £50.00

save £100's and avoid late filing penalties with a unique Tax50 Automated Tax Return (SA100)... all it takes is 10 minutes of your time!

Guaranteed to be accepted

You don't need a set of accounts, you don't even need to provide any income information on the Automated (SA100) submission form. The simple Tax50 (SA100) submission form includes all of the data required by HMRC  to process your Tax Return (SA100) correctly and accordingly. Our unique system is fully automated. Once you have submitted the Automated (SA100) submission form and paid your £50 fee, you will receive an email confirmation of acceptance by HMRC within 48 hours. The Tax50 Automated (SA100) submission form is guaranteed to be accepted by HMRC. This will ensure you avoid late filing penalties. This will also give you further time to get your affairs in order.

Free advice and guidance 

In the very unlikely event that your Automated (SA100) Tax Return is chosen for further scrutiny at random by HMRC, we will liaise with HMRC on your behalf and provide you with free advice and guidance to help you comply. We will also advise you on which Accounts & Taxation Solutions would be best suited to your requirements moving forward to help make the management and administration of taxation in your life more convenient.

Any size or type of income

Whether you are permanently self employed, or have an additional income the Tax50 Automated (SA100) is ideal for you.

No late filing penalties gauranteed

So long as you complete the Automated (SA100) submission form before Midnight on the 30th of January, you will avoid late filing penalties altogether. If you have already received notifications of penalties from HMRC, even for previous years, as soon as you submit the Automated (SA100) submission form, no further late filing charges will be issued by HMRC from then on.

No need to register with HMRC

There is no requirement to register with HMRC Online Services or to register for a Government Gateway Identifier. The Tax50 Automated (SA100) submission form carries all of the necessary information to satisfy the HMRC submission requirements in full. This saves you the hassle of Registering for a Government Gateway Identifier and then enrolling for the Online Service before you activate your account with an Authorisation Code sent to you by post from HMRC. You can avoid that time consuming and arduous process by using Tax50.

No accountant necessary

You do not need to be registered with an accountant, or engage an accountancy firm to prepare your accounts. However, once your Automated (SA100) is received by HMRC, we will automatically request an Authorisation Code from HMRC so that you can formally register Tax50 as your accountants and take advantage of our great Accounts & Taxation Solutions.

Free advice from the experts

If you have any questions or concerns, call Tax50 for expert and experienced accounting and taxation advice. Our team is hear to help you and to make sure you understand how the rules of taxation work and how they apply to you with your own personal circumstances.