Tax50 is an excellent accountant for anyone working in the Construction Industry. Firstly, If you need a specialist accountant who is experienced with C.I.S. and the VAT Domestic Reverse Charge Scheme then look no further. Additionally, Tax50 has many years experience as an accountant for the construction industry including Builders, Property Developers, plumbers, Electricians, Carpenters and Plasterers. We will give you help, advice and guidance on how to best structure your affairs in a manner that will save you time and money. Above all, Tax50 will help you reduce your Income Tax liability. In addition, Tax50 will help you identify the specific risk elements relating to the employment status of your Sub-Contractors and ensure they meet all the necessary requirements for C.I.S. Also, Tax50 will always help to make sure we keep your administrative burden down to an absolute minimum. Consequently some of the benefits of using Tax50 include:


Making sure you adopt a Tax efficient Structure as part of your business.

Help with the VAT Domestic Reverse Charge Scheme.

Best Bookkeeping Procedures for the Construction Industry.

Saving you money on Income Tax.

Conserving you money on Corporation Tax.

How to deal with HMRC.

Giving you accurate and timely records.

Tax efficiency being incorporated in to your business.

Helping you avoid late filing penalties.

Making sure you can grow your business.




Tax50 are experts in administrating the Construction Industry Scheme correctly and running it alongside your PAYE Scheme. Furthermore, Tax50 will take the burden of compliance off your hands and help you enjoy running your business. Conversely, Tax50 gives you advice on how to incorporate your business in to a Limited Company. Tax50 will always help you manage your affairs in the most tax efficient manner possible. Correspondingly, the advice from Tax50 is tailored to suit your business and lifestyle requirements, helping you understand how to best increase your income while reducing your financial exposure. Tax50 will also help you avoid costly late filing penalties. Finally, no matter what size of business you have, Tax50 has the right Accounting Solution for you. Let Tax50 help you focus on growing your business. Undoubtedly, we will make sure you get the best advice. Tax50 want to help your business grow.



Tax50 also offers you practical advice on how to manage your VAT affairs in the most efficient manner possible. Firstly, this advice is tailored to suit your business and lifestyle requirements, helping you understand how to fit the management of VAT in to your life and the day to day impact of VAT and the Domestic Reverse Charge Scheme on your business.


Furthermore, no matter what type of business you have or what trading sector you operate in, Tax50 has the right VAT Solution for you. As such, Tax50 will help you understand and focus on your core goals and the founding principles of your business while taking care of the VAT compliance for you.


It goes without saying that not every accountant is the same. Additionally, not every accountant will help you in the same way. Subsequently, if you need help with HMRC then look no further. Tax50 will make sure that you get the best advice.


In conclusion, Tax50 can help you with all aspects of taxation including Income Tax, VAT, Corporation Tax, PAYE (Pay As You Earn), C.I.S. (Construction Industry Scheme) and Capital Gains Tax. Unquestionably you need an accountant that has experience in dealing with all aspects of taxation and is capable of explaining your options in a manner that is easy to understand.




Every trade in the Construction Industry sector of business is special. This is because each trade has its own challenges and virtues. Firstly, Tax50 will help you understand your business and trade sector in more detail. Additionally, Tax50 will guide you with the basics and enlightening you on the more complex matters that will be of interest to you. 


Furthermore, each trading sector has certain overlapping concerns which Tax50 can support you with and each trade will also have its own specific challenges and circumstances which you will be wise to exploit.


Tax50 has designed and packaged Accounts & Tax Solutions  that will provide you with a clear advantage in your chosen trade. Consequently, these bespoke Solutions provided by Tax50 are packaged in a way that will give you the maximum benefit with the least amount of input.




Every business needs help and advice at some point. regardless of if you are a new start up business and you are looking for help, advice and guidance with the fundamentals of business, or if you are an established business that has been operating for many years, Tax50 will help you with practical business advice. Moreover, the advice and services provided by Tax50 will help you reduce your expenditure and increase your income. As such, this all culminates in increasing your profits. Finally, the practical advice provided by Tax50 is completely free and covers a varied and vast range of subjects some of which include:


Adopting a Tax efficient Structure as part of the business.

Best Bookkeeping Procedures.

Giving you templates to use for daily activities.

Tax efficiency being incorporated in to your trading process.

Taking advantage of the internet and E-Commerce.

Helping you avoid late filing penalties.

Making sure your company competes effectively.


Tax50 also has a large network of professionals that can help you with matters such as Bridging Loans, bank accounts, Residential and Commercial mortgages (including Buy to Let) and corporate recovery. So, If you work in the construction industry and you are looking for the best advice available to you then Tax50 is the right specialist accountant for you.


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