Specialist Sector Accountant

Accountant for Pharmacy


Tax50 has a great deal of experience in dealing with Pharmacy Accounts. Due to this experience Tax50 are experts in administrating the Monthly VAT Repayment Scheme correctly and accordingly. Furthermore it is vital your pharmacy use the most appropriate VAT Scheme to help you manage cash flow. We also have many years experience in dealing with HMRC inspections and investigations. Our experience will help you grow your business and prepare it for sale. Click here to find out more.

Accountant for Doctors


Tax50 is a specialist accountant for doctors with experience in dealing with your specific industry sector. As a result our experience as an accountant for doctors in the General Practice sector will help you. Consequently we are able to make your accounting and taxation process more straight forward and efficient. We have extensive experience dealing with the NHS Pension Scheme, understanding the difference between the current, 1995 and the 2008 sections of the scheme. Click here to find out more.

Accountant for Opticians


If you are an Optician then you need a specialist accountant for Opticians who is experienced in dealing with your specific industry. Tax50 has over 15 years experience as an accountant for Opticians in the retail sector. Hence we are experts with the Partial Exemption Scheme for VAT and understand the necessity in producing your accounts correctly and accordingly to reduce your exposure to HMRC. We will also give you a free Payroll Solution with the service we provide. Don't delay, Click here to find out more.

Specialist Accountant for Dentist


Tax50 have a great deal of experience in the General Dental Practice sector. We have specialist accountants with an in depth knowledge of NHS and private dental practice. This will give you confidence that we truly understand your trade. Because of this Tax50 has detailed knowledge and experience in dealing with Superannuation Payments and allocating them correctly. Tax50 understands the terminology used within your industry to help give you confidence. Click here to find out more.

Accountant for Import & Export


For those of you already involved in or looking to get involved with Import & Export, Tax50 is the right accountant for you. We have a specially trained and experienced team to help make sure you take advantage of competitively priced international markets for the supply of goods and services in to the UK and for the export of goods and services to the EU and the wider world. Tax50 are of exceptional help and benefit to you if you are involved in e-commerce and internet sales. Click here to find out more.

Accountant for Offshore Company


If you are looking for the ultimate Tax Planning & Wealth Management Strategy then an Offshore Company is for you. Tax50 is an international accountant. As such we can offer you the best and most relevant advice for your Offshore Company incorporation. We always take in to account your UK trading structure and industry sector to make sure we can help you benefit from this Tax Efficiency Solution in a HMRC Compliant manner. Talk to Tax50 for expert and experienced advice. Click here to find out more.



Not every accountant is the same. It is not necessary that every accountant will help you in the same way. If you need help with HMRC then look no further. Tax50 will make sure that you get the best advice. HMRC (Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs), is responsible for the collection of taxes. These taxes come in a variety of forms such as Direct Taxes, Indirect Taxes and Stealth Taxes. You will be affected by these taxes in a variety of different ways whether you are an individual or a business. As such you will always need to consider the effect of taxation on almost every aspect of your activities.

Tax50 will help you with all aspects of taxation including Income Tax, VAT, Corporation Tax, PAYE (Pay As You Earn), C.I.S. (Construction Industry Scheme) and Capital Gains Tax. You need an accountant that has experience in dealing with all aspects of taxation and is capable of explaining your options in a manner that is easy to understand.




Tax50 will also give you practical advice on how to manage your affairs in the most efficient manner possible. Because of this our advice is tailored to suit your business and lifestyle requirements. Furthermore Tax50 will always help you avoid costly late filing penalties.

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