Are you interested in a Limited Company Incorporation?


What exactly is a Limited Company?


What are the true financial benefits of a Limited Company Incorporation?


Is a Limited Company right for me?


How much does it cost to run Limited Company?


These may be some of the questions you may be considering when thinking about Limited Company Incorporation. Tax50 experts will give you the right advice and the right guidance. We will help you understand and appreciate whether or not a Limited Company is the right trading structure for you. The easy to follow Tax Breakdown Example below provides a clear example of how you could potentially benefit from having a Limited Company by saving money on Income Tax.


Tax Breakdown Example


If you would like to know more about incorporating a limited company and about how it would affect your business activities on a day to day basis then Tax50 has an expert ready to advise you. Tax50 will provide you with the right Accounting Solution to suit your business. Tax50 also endeavours to make sure that you benefit from the Limited Company structure by:


Adopting a Tax efficient Structure as part of the Company

Helping you take advantage of Corporation Tax

Tax efficient & legally compliant profit extraction strategies

Saving money by paying less Corporation Tax

Helping you avoid late filing penalties

Advising you on how to take advantage of company allowances


Tax50 also offers you practical advice on how to manage your business and trading affairs in the most efficient manner possible. This advice is tailored to suit your trading and lifestyle requirements. Tax50 advice is excellent at helping you understand how to fit the management of a Limited Company in to your life correctly.


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