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All the information required to legally submit an acceptable Automated Tax Return (SA100) to HMRC for year ending 05/04/2020 is requested in the form below.

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Tax Return Year Ending 05/04/2020


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    *UTR number: You will find your UTR (Unique Taxpayer Reference) number on your Tax Return (SA100), your 'Notice to complete a Tax Return' (SA316) or on any Statement of Account.
    *House name or number: If a multi-occupancy building, please include flat/apartment number on the same line. e.g. 'Flat 202, Tower House'
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    If you answered "No" to either of the two "Trading" questions above then please complete the Trading / Business Details section below.
    If you answered "Yes" to both of the "Trading" questions above then please submit your Automated Tax Return online to HMRC using the secure checkout at the bottom of the page.

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    I understand that by submitting this form I am authorising Tax50 to send my information in the form of an Automated Tax Return (SA100) to HMRC which could be amended by me at any time within the next two years if necessary.  I am also happy to receive a copy of my Automated Tax Return (SA100) after it has been submitted without any further consent being required. I understand the charge for this service is £50.00. I understand that i will be re-directed to the PayPal payment page when i click the "submit Tax Return" button.

    As a result of the HMRC acceptance process being fully automated, in the unlikely event that HMRC requests further information from you then Tax50 will be here to help you prepare and submit an amended Tax Return to HMRC. This is one of our Low Cost Tax Solutions that is designed to help you maintain your integrity while you manage your wealth. Do not hesitate to contact our team if you have any questions or require any further information when completing this form. Our dedicated team of professionals is happy to help you.